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Why the aluminum honeycomb composite panel is the best choice material for modern bathroom furniture ? An insight into Jottai’s stainless steel / Aluminum bathroom vanity cabinet filled with aluminum honeycomb.

For bathroom furniture, Quality, Aesthetics and Green(health) are the core demands by today’s educated, discriminating and environment conscious consumers. Jottai well understands that and that’s why we focus for years on the design, technological innovation and craftsmanship of the bathroom cabinets made of aluminum honeycomb composite panel. We believe it is the first choice material to satisfy expectations of our customers for the the bathroom furniture.



The aluminum honeycomb composite panel is generally used in the aviation sector, and also used in the exterior wall decoration of high-rise skyscrapers. It features light weight, high strength, high rigidity, stable structure, high flatness, fire and moisture resistance. Thus It would not deform or vibrate under strong winds and exposure to sunlight, making it a very good material for aircraft, high speed train and exterior wall.  As far as the bathroom furniture is concerned, with all its advantages, it is indeed a best choice material. Its high strength , rigidity and stable structure make your bathroom vanity not only an last-for-a-lifetime item but can actually pass down to next generation. It is at the same time fire-proof,  moisture-proof, and resistant to rust, mold and mildew. What is the better choice you can think of?




When you think of the metal like stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum honeycomb, the image of starkness and coldness might probably come to your mind. But when you look at our collections of bathroom vanities, you will see it is completely the opposite.  Thanks to our designer and unmatched craftsmanship, we make our bathroom vanity as exquisite and elegant as any ones that are made of other materials. Our stainless steel / aluminum sheet is seamlessly laminated with a decorative film. We have hundreds of colors and designs available for our clietns to choose. We can custom-made colors and designs also.  If you are a fan of real wood, our wood grain color film has the image and texture that is comparable to real wood.  When you see it, touch it and feel it, sure you see little difference from the real wood you like. We have advanced CNC moulding machines which can do exquisite designs on the panel just like we do on the wooden surface. Jottai adheres to design concept of timeless classic, and try to create the classics with design and technology. Jottais bathroom products are meticulously crafted from every detail such as structure, shape, line, color, touch, etc., to create elegant life for customers with artistic inspiration.



Green (Health)


Jottai strives to create environmentally friendly sanitary products for health of our consumers, protection of the earth's environment, and harmonious symbiosis between man and nature. The aluminum honeycomb composite panel is made with stainless steel sheet or aluminum sheet on surface and aluminum honeycomb inside. It achieves zero discharge of harmful substances. It is indeed the full green choice for our environment conscious consumers. 


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