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The first container of completely knocked down (CKD) bathroom vanities are loaded to cope with the skyrocketed ocean freight cost.

Jottai normally makes the fully assembled bathroom cabinets. The fully assembled one is easy to install, saving a lot time and costs for our consumers. However, the packages for fully assembled bathroom vanities are big and take up a lot of space. Since the Covid-19 global pandemic, the international ocean freight costs skyrocketed from double, triple to even quadruple. The disadvantage of the fully assembled cabinets is evident as we can load relatively small quantities in a container and the freight cost becomes the elephant in the room in the cost of products. To address concerns of our clients, our engineers work out new production scheme to change the fully assembled cabinets into CKD ones. In this way, it saves space up to 50%.  In this container we just shipped, we load 80% more quantity than the previous fully assembled ones.



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