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The new automatic conveyor system put into use in Jottai Factory

The new advanced automatic conveyor system, which is custom-made according to our bathroom vanity cabinet production finished and put into use.  The raw materials like stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, aluminum honeycomb etc. are delivered by the tracked cart to different working areas like Laser cutting, punching, bending, panel making and cabinet assembling. The assembled cabinets will be carried by the automatic belt conveyor lines to the assigned quality control stands where our QC staff will check. Those cabinets which pass the QC inspection will be delivered by the conveyor line to the packing stands for cleaning and packing. Those cabinets which fail to pass will be labeled with problems and delivered back to specific area. We expect the new conveyor lines can increase our production efficiency by 30% and we can reach the monthly output target of 30000 sets per month. 


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