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W-6004 Bathroom vanity cabinet combo with lighted Led mirrored medicine cabinet, sintered stone countertop, and under-mount ceramic Sink

  • Quiet and elegant, simple but extraordinary
    The tranquil dark gray green interpret the simple essence of life, and the golden lines are the brilliance and highlights of the peaceful life. The simple geometric shapes reflect the concept of less is more.
  • Features:

    ○ All stainless steel cabinet and aluminum medicine cabinet with aluminum honeycomb board inside, aeronautical grade material,  waterproof, moisture-proof , sturdy and durable. And most importantly, zero emission for care of health of you and your family
    ○ Carefully designed aluminum alloy embedded handles to prevent children from bumping or injury when playing
    ○ Medicine cabinet up and roomy cabinet down, both of which are meticulously partitioned,  offering an abundance of room to house a variety of accessories
    ○ Sintered stone countertop, super stain-resistant, hard and wear-resistant, high temperature resistance
    ○ High-definition smart silver mirror, soft led light, delivers optimal illumination for makeup application, grooming, and skin care.
    ○ Premium adjustable slow-close door hinges and under-mount slides, quiet, smooth to open and close, durable, with 50,000 times of open and close tests and and 72 hours of salt spray test.

  • Sizes available:

    Main Cabinet:1700X540mm
    Medicine Cabinet :1000X800mm
    Material:Stainless Steel
    Cabinet Color:Soft deep gray green
    Vanity Top:White Sintered Stone

Im体育电竞 - 官方网址登录入口
Im体育电竞 - 官方网址登录入口
Im体育电竞 - 官方网址登录入口


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