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W-6001 Bathroom vanity combo with wardrobe, smart mirror and under-mount sink

  • An air of Gentleman , graceful and pleasant
    Calm and quiet blue with light luxury gold, the ingenious combination of colors and lines, showing a unique and graceful charm. This vanity is a stylish selection for your next update.
  • Features:

    ○This vanity has an abundance of storage space to suit the needs of a large master bathroom. Stacked drawers, roomy cabinets and the wardrobe offer more than enough room to house a variety of items. Towels, bathrobes, toiletries, and cosmetics can be placed in an orderly manner. 

    ○All stainless steel cabinet with aluminum honeycomb board inside, aeronautical grade material,  waterproof, moisture-proof , sturdy and durable. And most importantly, zero emission for care of health of you and your family 

    ○Nano easy-clean glazed slim sink, calcined at high temperature, stain-resistant with smooth and delicate surface. 

    ○Sintered stone countertop, super stain-resistant, hard and wear-resistant, high temperature resistance 

    ○Lighted Led HD Round Bathroom Mirror with anti-fog function

    ○Premium adjustable slow-close door hinges and under-mount slides, quiet, smooth to open and close, durable, with 50,000 times of open and close tests and and 72 hours of salt spray test.

  • Sizes available:

    Main Cabinet:2500X550X2000mm
    Smart Mirror:Dia.700mm
    Materials:Stainless Steel
    Cabinet Color: Deep Blue
    Vanity Top:White Sintered Stone

Im体育电竞 - 官方网址登录入口
Im体育电竞 - 官方网址登录入口
Im体育电竞 - 官方网址登录入口


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